DeFi Made Simple

Elemental offers straightforward access to various actively managed DeFi funds, featuring transparent, fixed-yields without hidden fees. Suitable for both beginners and experienced investors, our platform presents diverse funds with unique strategies, fostering diversification and enhancing return potential.

From its humble beginnings with just $1000 in deposits, to becoming pioneers of fixed-yield returns in DeFi, Elemental underscores its commitment to continual growth and adaptation, all while keeping DeFi investing simple.

A Walk Through History

20 Dec 2023 - Entering Liquid Staking

The Geyser Fund leverages bSOL, a yield-bearing liquid staking token, to offer layered yields. Unique in its offering, Geyser also introduces BLZE tokens atop its base yield, creating dynamic and potentially higher returns. This launch underscores Elemental's ongoing commitment to exploring novel yield generation methods and solidifying strategic partnerships in the ecosystem.

26 Oct 2023 - Inaugural Partnership Fund

Marking Elemental's first external collaboration, the Geodium Fund was launched in partnership with Raydium. This initiative combines Raydium's yield support with Elemental's focused enhancement of their liquidity pools, demonstrating a commitment to pioneering sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships.

06 Sep 2023 - Ether Fund Sunset

Due to limited yield opportunities on Solana, Elemental decided to sunset its Ether Fund. All deposits and associated yields were returned to its investors. While this decision was necessary for that point in time, Elemental remain open to reintroducing the Ether Fund should market dynamics shift favorably in the future.

18 Jul 2023 - Ethereum Expansion

Striving to further diversify their offerings, Elemental launched its inaugural $ETH fund: Ether. Utilizing wrapped $ETH, the fund offers investors the dynamism of Ethereum's ecosystem, while harnessing the cost-efficiency and high-speed capabilities of Solana.

19 Mar 2023 - Grizzlython Endeavor

Elemental made its competitive debut at the seventh Solana hackathon, Grizzlython. Their innovative proposal for a "funds marketplace" aimed to usher in a new era of actively managed funds. Although not victorious, the experience yielded invaluable insights and honed their vision for the future.

20 Nov 2022 - Fixed-Yield Revolution

Defying the norm of floating yields, Elemental pioneered fixed-yield returns in the DeFi landscape. Yield rates, stable within each 5-day Elemental Epoch, were made possible by the unique Compound Fund, offering a buffer against market volatility.

02 Oct 2022 - Compound and Insurance Funds Launch

To cultivate growing yields, Elemental introduced the Compound and Insurance Funds. The former facilitates yield growth over time, while the latter shields users with partial recovery from protocol hacks. In tandem with these advancements, Elemental unveiled its first $USDC fund.

09 Sep 2022 - Elemental's Genesis

With a modest starting point of 100 $SOL and a handful of users, Elemental embarked on its journey. Despite initial volatility, the alpha version achieved a robust 18.23% annualized yield, validating the fund's potential.

Official Website: https://elemental.player2.world

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elementaldefi

Discord: https://discord.gg/player2

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