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Passive Income Made Simple
Elemental is an easy-to-use investment platform that gives users access to a range of actively managed funds operating across Solana DeFi. Our platform simplifies investing, allowing users to deposit funds and start earning passive income without any additional effort. With Elemental, users can select from a variety of funds, each with its own unique strategy, providing diversification and potentially higher returns. Whether you're a seasoned DeFi user or just starting out, Elemental makes investing easier for you.


V4: Submitted to Solana's Grizzlython on 14 Mar 2023

Elemental is evolving yet again! More details to come.

V3: Launched 20 Nov 2022

Elemental becomes the first fund on Solana to allow a fixed-yield return. While the yields may be gradually adjusted over longer periods, they are fixed within each Elemental Epoch of 5 days. This is made possible by the introduction of a buffer fund which acts as a cushion to absorb volatility.

V2: Launched 02 Oct 2022

The V2 system coincided with the launch of our first $USDC fund and introduced the concept of a compound and insurance fund. The compound fund allows for Elemental to steadily grow its yield over time, and the insurance fund provides users some recovery value in the face of adversity.

V1: Launched 09 Sep 2022

Elemental launched with a handful of users with just 100 $SOL. This V1 system was largely exploratory with extremely erratic returns of varying durations. It however still achieved a fairly impressive 18.23% annualized yield and proved that the fund can be a viable product.
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