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Aqueous Fund

Aqueous Fund (28% APR)

Aqueous, Elemental's pioneering fund, has set the standard from the outset. With its unwavering delivery of high fixed yields, it stands as a beacon of our commitment to passive income. The Aqueous Fund masterfully melds consistency with innovation, presenting a realm of opportunity for investors.
As an actively managed fund, Aqueous generates returns primarily through yield farming and arbitrage opportunities on Solana DeFi, operating 100% transparently on-chain. With fixed yields that represent true yields, Aqueous offers a simple and transparent investment option without any hidden fees or costs. The fund auto-compounds a portion of its gains, enabling it to grow its annual percentage rate (APR) over time. With a constant stream of income, Aqueous provides investors with the opportunity to earn passive income on their SOL holdings.
Key Risk: Protocols getting exploited, liquid staking tokens depegging.


Aqueous Fund Artwork

Fund Characteristics

Fund Manager: P2 Moo (
Element: Water
Base Token: SOL
APR Type: Fixed
Capital Protected: Yes
Insurance Coverage: Partial
Access: Requires NFT
Deposit: 10 SOL per NFT
Maximum Fund Capacity: 500 SOL
Withdrawal Period: Minimum 1 epoch and at the end of each epoch only. 1 epoch = 5 days.
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