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Tidal Fund

Tidal Fund (13% APR)

The Tidal Fund provides capital protection, risk-adjusted returns, and accessibility to all.
Managed actively, Tidal generates returns through yield farming and arbitrage opportunities on Solana DeFi, operating with full transparency on the blockchain. With fixed yields that represent true yields, Tidal provides a simple and transparent investment option without hidden fees or costs.
Investing in Tidal provides a constant stream of income and allows investors to earn passive income on their SOL holdings. Just like how the ocean's tide rises and falls based on the movements of the sun and moon, the fund's yields will also vary depending on the availability of opportunities on Solana DeFi.
Key Risk: Protocols getting exploited, liquid staking tokens depegging.

Fund Characteristics

Fund Manager: P2 Moo (
Element: Water
Base Token: SOL
APR Type: Fixed
Capital Protected: Yes
Insurance Coverage: Partial
Access: Public
Minimum Deposit: 10 SOL
Maximum Individual Deposit: 500 SOL
Maximum Fund Capacity: 1,500 SOL
Withdrawal Period: Minimum 1 epoch and at the end of each epoch only. 1 epoch = 5 days.
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