Chapter 3

Eliminating Discord Grinding

Gaining publicity is necessary, but why make users grind on Discord to get the key?

Time is our most valuable asset. Saying nothing but ‘gm’ and ‘good projector’ nonstop adds no value to our project. Neither does grinding your way up to Level 20. We want you to use your time wisely. Use it to do the things that you love, or connect with people who matter.

We are in crypto because we believe it is the next frontier, and we are excited to be part of the revolution. So why don’t we facilitate that in our communities?

Let’s ask genuine questions, offer great ideas, and give constructive feedback. In return, teams should actively listen, offer alternative viewpoints, and act on the best ideas. This is how we can collectively progress in web 3.

To change up the meta, we’ve created Sophie - our AI that can differentiate between genuine chatter and spam. Sophie is trained to identify common spam words and even long copypastas. She is a machine learning program that will constantly adapt, so even new variants will not escape her 🧠

Sophie will work with our moderators to find genuine folks, and that is part of how we’re looking to grow an engaged society.

We also understand that not everyone is an extrovert. We’ll provide thought provoking threads that you can comment in, or take a simple quiz. So don’t worry if chatting is not your cup of tea!

Let’s end the grinding meta, and rekindle the spark for innovation ✨

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