Chapter 4

Introducing Player 2

We’ve explained some of our goals and philosophies but we’ve yet to actually introduce what Player 2 is.

And for good reasons! Player 2 at its core is essentially a digital world. What makes it special will be the many things that fill it. The team will build out an initial set of infrastructure, but its path beyond will be decided by the Players.

At present we have opened a small part of our world that allows you to perform basic #DeFi functions like swapping and supplying to LPs. We call this area our Financial Brewery.

In a few months we will be opening up the main world which will unlock our Future Farms and Grand Bazaar. The former is a gamified platform where Players can farm our in-game tokens, while the latter will serve as our #NFT marketplace.

As more infrastructure gets built, the greater the utility. And this increase will be exponential as we will build synergies. This means assets can start to be used in different ways - some which are not possible currently.

However, building all this will be for naught if we don’t solve the biggest problem in crypto right now: Having a sustainable economy.

We have taken great pains to ensure this, and that is something we will cover in the next chapter!

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