Player 2



[1] Our Liquidity-free Loans is in "alpha testing" phase.
[2] Loan amount is fixed at 8 USDC per NFT.
[3] Interest will be 12% APR.
[4] Loan tenure options are 1 or 3 months.
[5] There is no liquidation, but if you fail to repay after your tenure, your loan is defaulted and we will keep your NFT(s).
[6] Loans may be repaid anytime to get your NFT back.
[7] As a courtesy, we will send you a reminder on Discord a week prior to your deadline.
[8] We will only track rarity. This means you may receive back a different NFT. If there is a special NFT you love and want to keep, do not use them for your loan.


1 x NFT, 1 month option -> You will receive 8 USDC for the loan, and have to pay back 8.08 USDC within 1 month to get back your NFT.
2 x NFT, 3 month option -> You will receive 16 USDC for the loan, and have to pay back 16.48 USDC within 3 months to get back both NFT.

Taking Out A Loan

Keen to take out a loan? Open a support ticket on our Discord and we will be right with you!