The Future

While onboarding is a problem, the bigger underlying problem we are trying to solve is information. Specifically, organizing information.

On the development side, much effort has been placed on open sourcing projects so that information can be accessed freely. But that is moot unless people know the information exists.

The problem is not just on code bases, but information about Solana in general. Basic information such as how to stake or what is impermanent loss keeps getting written up in new articles by new people. Why? Because people can't find such information easily.

And then there's the whole other problem of discoverability. Even if you built the most amazing project, so what if nobody knows you exist? Is the only way really to shill on Twitter? We talk about decentralization but we rely on all these centralized platforms for our basic need which is information.

There HAS to be a better way.

We envision Sophie being powered by a decentralized library. A Solana Wiki of sorts, but with the ethos of web 3 where the information should be verified and stored in a decentralized manner.

This layer should be shared freely and allow for all projects to compose with. Sophie can use this to be anywhere - from websites to Telegram to Saga. And it won't just be confined to Sophie, it can be competitors of Sophie and many other applications that we have yet to even fathom.

This is the future we envision. And to get there, we must build this very fundamental layer and we are happy to lead the charge.

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