How do I get started on the Bitcoin Accumulator?

1) Head over to and launch the app. It will take you to the Financial Brewery.

2) Acquire some wrapped Bitcoin (wrBTC). You can either do this by: 2a) Swapping tokens with Tamarind the Trader (she is on the top right in the Financial Brewery).

2b) Purchasing bonds with Baatar the Bargain Hunter. Note that bonds take 7 days to vest so you will not receive your wrBTC immediately using this method.

3) Upgrade your wrBTC to Bitcoin Accumulator (BTCA) tokens. BTCA tokens are what allows you to passively accumulate more Bitcoins. Look for Aljunied the Accumulator to do this. She has 3 types of BTCA tokens and they all come with different lock durations.

4) Sit back, relax, and let the BTCA token do its job!

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