The Path Forward

4 Dec 2022

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Greetings Players,

2022 has been a rough year for crypto. The market saw a steady decline with two large "black swan" events (Terra and FTX) nuking the already depressed sentiments and destroying billions of collective wealth in the process.

But today is not about what we can't control. Today is about what we can. Today we chart the path forward.

Player 2 will continue to build. Because that future that we all desire isn't going to build itself. If we want mass adoption, if we want that bull market to return, we have to create the conditions for it.

To those who are still around, we salute you and we thank you. You are what makes this road less lonely, and you are what gives us hope.

So where do we go from here?

Let me walk you through our battleplan.


We need to be very conscious about what we deploy. If something doesn't smell like it would be a success, it is better to not deploy. And if we've launched something that isn't gaining traction, it's better to sunset it. If we keep repeating this process, we'll end up with a suite of very useful products that people are happy to use, and that we can generate a profit from.

Given that we are in a bear market, and we'll likely be in one for at least a year, we'll focus on products that people would want to use in a prolonged bear market.

Take for example Elemental. Is it a product people would want to use in a bear? YES. Would MORE people want to use it if we opened it up further? YES. Do we make money from it? YES. Fantastic product.

Another one is Liquidation-free Loans. Would people want to use in a bear? YES. Would new people buying our NFTs want to also use it? YES. Do we make money from it? YES. Fantastic product.


We will grow our Player 2 economy via launching multiple products. This means each new Player joining us becomes increasingly more impactful over time. At first a Player might be a user of 2 products. But as the ecosystem grows, he or she may use 3, then 4, etc. But it is not just more products being available, it is also the products being synergistic.

And what's more? Since all businesses pay taxes, they grow our collective bags. This happens because taxes get used to buyback $DEO, which in turn will start to appreciate. Just by doing the above, you are supporting two different businesses that are paying a 5% $DEO tax.

Farmer NFTs

Why buy? Why hold?

You can use them to get a loan, sure. But that is NOT the main point.

The main point of the Farmers is you are indirectly buying 100 $DEOs. Everything else are minor perks but largely irrelevant.

The question you need to ask yourself is this: Do you think that 100 DEOs is worth holding onto?

If the answer is no, sell it. If the answer is yes, then hold, or buy more. I'm buying more (NFA). I still feel underexposed. And this is because I know how crazy Player 2 will get when we continue piecing more pieces together.

The Path Forward

We'll continue our "open building", and we'll be fast on deploying and sunsetting projects (if necessary).

If you want a direct impact at growing your bags, give us feedback during the build process. We are building in the open because we want feedback. The more feedback we have, the better products we can produce, and the faster our collective bags will grow.

Want to go a step further? Help figure out what people might want to use and pay for during this bear. Then validate it - do polls, focused groups, curate comments from around. We can use your ideas to improve existing products or create new ones entirely.

This is how we make during the bear. And this is how we ready our ship to ride the wave in the next bull run.

Game on.

-P2 Moo

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