31 Aug 23

Greetings, Players!

Welcome back to another electrifying update!

Who's ready for another jolt of excitement? This week, our spotlight is on the Elemental Points System! While Elemental operates independently of Player 2, we're on a mission to foster a culture where businesses that launch on our platform enrich our vibrant community. We're committed to uplifting and promoting those who uplift us!

Introducing the Elemental Points System

Enter the Elemental Points System, where you can earn points in exchange for airdrops of $ELE tokens. 1 Elemental Point will = 1 $ELE token, and the airdrop will take place after the Elemental NFT mint.

$ELE Tokenomics

  • Fixed supply of 500 million $ELE

  • Fully minted upon launch

  • Up to 20% designated for airdrop

  • Remaining tokens held in our treasury

  • ZERO team allocation (true to our P2 style!)

$ELE Mechanics

  • 5% tax on Elemental yields funneled into $ELE buybacks

  • Bought back tokens will be used to deepen liquidity

How to Earn Elemental Points

Farmer NFT Holders: Register to be part of a random snapshot (between 7 Sep - 28 Sep) , and for every Farmer NFT captured in your wallet, earn a whopping 2000 points. To register, fill in this form with your Discord ID and wallet details: https://forms.gle/Bj8BQ9Xf46QG3es48 IMPORTANT: Your NFT must be in your declared wallet at the time of the snapshot. NFTs on loan are ineligible for points.

Community Engagement: Get more points through community engagements—raffles, tweets, contests, write-ups, votes, and more! We have up to 1 million points up for grabs, so stay tuned to our Twitter and #announcements channels.

Special Shoutout

Congratulations to @vileen for nailing the correct guess from our last update! Open a ⁠support-ticket to claim your 100 DEO prize.

What’s Coming Up Next?

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