Nettly the Farmer

Type: Farmer

Location: Future Farms

Our Nettly farmers are hard workers with a great sense of humor. When they’re all done with their farming work for the day, you can often find Nettlys enjoying water sports like wakeboarding, or taste-testing Tamarind’s new soups.

Stats Energy Max: 1000-1500 Energy Expenditure: 7-9 Mood Max: 1000-1500 Mood Expenditure: 7-9 Yield Multiplier: 0-10% Harvest Capacity: 6-11 Luck: 1-10% Animation Idle: Patient / Impatient / Asleep Animation Farming: Tilling / Sowing / Harvesting / Watering Upgrade Slots: 4 Refund: 100

What is Rarity? Farmers come with a "rarity tag". Our rarity metric is a simplistic way of assessing how strong some of your Farmers' stats are. They are not fully indicative how effective your Farmers will be in the game. Different people will prioritize different stats based on their preferences, so the best way is to look at the raw stats themselves.

Rarity Calculations Mythical: 4 or more very strong stats Rare: 3 very strong stats Uncommon: 2 very strong stats Common: 1 or 0 very strong stat

What equals a very strong stat? We consider these ranges to be very strong: Energy Max: 1450-1500 Energy Expenditure: 7 Mood Max: 1450-1500 Mood Expenditure: 7 Yield Multiplier: 9-10% Harvest Capacity: 11 Luck: 9-10%

Though in general, a "rare" should outperform a "common", you could get a scenario where a "common" may have almost all its stats very close to the top range, but not quite there. This Farmer may be way more effective in game than a "rare" Farmer who may have 3 strong stats, but extremely weak in all the others.

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