Player 2


If you an have allergy to reading. Here's the tl;dr of Player 2.
1) Player 2 is a gamified world for communities and businesses to meet. Our platform provides the means for new projects (which we call businesses) to launch. These businesses automatically gain visibility within our community. Player 2 focuses on businesses that provide true value - it should provide products or services that people are happy to pay for. This brings genuine revenue into the ecosystem.
2) All businesses pay a 5% sales tax. In exchange for the launch platform and ready community base, businesses must conduct all sales in $DEO and pay a 5% sales tax. This tax gets used to buy and burn $DEO, thereby reducing its supply.
3) The $DEO is backed by a reserve of $USDC, which keeps growing. Aside from the supply reduction through taxes, Player 2 channels a portion of its own revenue to growing the reserve. We call these two mechanisms our "Twin Engines" and they are how the intrinsic value $DEOs will continue to rise over time.