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Lazy to read through our docs? Here's a one-pager tl;dr of Player 2.

Player 2

Player 2 is a dynamic directory on Solana. We've transformed discoverability into an adventure, enabling users to learn about new projects in a gamified world.

1) A Directory for Solana

Player 2 serves as a one-stop directory for everything on Solana: from protocols and NFT projects to blogs and wikis.

2) Making Discovery Fun

Traditional directories can be mundane. In Player 2, businesses, referred to as Businesses, come to life as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in our gamified world. This offers users an engaging and immersive exploration experience.

3) $DEO: A Token with Intrinsic Value

The $DEO token is the beating heart of Player 2, and it's unlike any other token out there. What makes it unique is its intrinsic value (initially at $0.10 per $DEO) backed by a basket of assets. This intrinsic value not only ensures $DEO's resilience in fluctuating markets but also positions it as a token with a distinct risk-reward proposition.

4) $DEO Mechanics

We envision $DEO's value to appreciate over time, and for that, we've instituted the Twin Engines:
  • Reserve Augmentation: A portion of Player 2's revenue feeds into expanding our reserve. This continuous input not only enhances the backing for each token but also serves as an advantage for businesses and investors.
  • Buyback Initiative: Every business on Player 2 contributes a 5% tax, facilitating our community's growth. These funds are strategically used to repurchase $DEO, setting in motion an increase in buy pressure and a deflationary trend. Both of these together drive $DEO's value upwards.

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