Player 2


Lazy to read through our docs? Here's a one-pager tl;dr of Player 2.

Player 2

Player 2 helps you discover Solana through a gamified world. It's where communities and businesses meet, and it's powered by a USDC backed economy.

1) Discovery through a Gamified World

Our platform enables the launch of new projects, which we refer to as businesses, in a unique and engaging way. Businesses are represented as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) or buildings in our gamified world, providing a fun and immersive experience for users.
These businesses should offer true value - products or services that people are willing to pay for. This contributes to the ecosystem by generating true revenue.

2) $DEO: A Token with Real Intrinsic Value

The $DEO token is the beating heart of our platform, and it's unlike any other token out there. Backed by a reserve of $USDC, $DEO has real intrinsic value (initially starting at 0.10 $USDC per $DEO) that sets it apart from the rest. This backing gives $DEO the ability to withstand even the harshest bear markets, providing a high level of security and stability.
Furthermore, because $DEO has intrinsic value, it offers an asymmetrical risk profile. With limited downside risk and unlimited upside potential, $DEO is a token with an unmatched risk-reward ratio.

3) The Twin Engines: A Perpetual Force for Increasing Intrinsic Value over Time

While we believe in the power of intrinsic value, we also believe that value should not idle - it should to grow over time. That's why we've developed two powerful mechanisms that we call the Twin Engines to drive the intrinsic value of $DEO.
The first engine is growing our Reserve. Player 2 channels a portion of their revenue into growing the reserve, increasing the backing per token, benefiting both businesses and investors alike.
The second engine is burning the token supply. Player 2 has a global 5% tax, which all businesses pay in exchange for access to our supportive community. This tax gets used to buy and burn $DEO, creating buy pressure and achieving a deflationary effect simultaneously. This directly helps to drive up the value of $DEO over time.

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