What makes Player 2 different?


Perfect alignment between the community and the team.

A unified alignment is the best way to ensure that the team always acts in the community's best interest.

Unfortunately much of crypto isn't aligned right now. It is very common for teams to be made well off while their community is left holding the bag.

The two common ways would be collecting a huge payday up front, and/or earning royalties despite asset prices collapsing.

The net result is a gambling mentality. Over time, people realize the best way to make money is to speculate and ride the hype. Long term believers get punished; they either join the speculators or leave the space entirely.

This is harmful to our ecosystem because it leads to a slow but sure bleed of users and capital. It's also the main reason why the mass market is repulsed; most of them do not want to gamble.

There are of course, exceptional teams that work hard to add value to their holders. Unfortunately, they are the super minority.

There will always be good and bad actors in any industry. But what we can do is to provide an environment that encourages the good. Right now, it is too easy for bad actors to profit.

Player 2 is to our knowledge the only project that has a perfect alignment with its community. The team receives no free NFTs, and no free tokens. The team had to buy in at the same price as the public.

The mint and IDO funds go straight into the Reserve to back our $DEO; the team doesn't get to pocket it. But more importantly, Player 2 cannot print new tokens on the whim. The economic design doesn't allow for it as everything MUST be backed by $USDC.

And this should be the way. Printing infinite money, ceteris paribus, simply corrodes value.

$DEO will be central to everything Player 2 does. Since the team bought in alongside everyone else, they must ensure $DEO does well in order to profit. This also means that they succeed in growing the value of $DEO, everyone wins.

In short, for the team to win, the community must win.

This is perfect alignment.

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