Player 2

Why not?

“Why not?” is Player 2’s core value.

It is the mantra that shapes our thinking; it keeps us acutely aware of usually subconscious assumptions and it serves as a reminder to find joy in whatever you do.

“Why not?” means to ask if there is a better way. Why not do it differently?

Currently, most tokens have little to no intrinsic value. This means when investing in crypto, the downside is often one’s entire investment. There is no recovery value. This is inherently what makes investing in cryptocurrencies so risky and is one of the key reasons for its high volatility and muted adoption.

Is there a better way, and why not do it differently?

Perhaps there truly is no better solution. But more often than not, there is. And with respect to the problem above, we believe there is a better solution. It’s just not an easy solution. It involves building a world with a full-fledged economy, but we believe it is possible.

“Why not?” means to be brave enough to reinvent even the longest standing constructs, yet be adaptable enough to do things purely for enjoyment if it is within reason.

Greetings, Players.

What is Player 2?

What is Earth?

A rock floating through the cosmos? A running experiment for the evolution of life? A home for you and those you love?

You cannot describe Earth with justice using one sentence because that only describes it from a singular perspective. Earth is so much more than a singular perspective.

Likewise, “What is Player 2?” is the hardest question to answer because Player 2 is many things. Following true to our mantra, we are not going to provide you with a definite answer. We are confident you will be able to find that answer through your journey with us. And we also believe you will have many answers, and that those answers will evolve as you progress further.

If you are feeling unsettled at this point, good. We are not here to build just another “crypto project”. If you are looking for that, we recommend you stop here and we thank you for your time. We are building something hyper ambitious; it has a good chance of failure, but if it succeeds it will wield the potential to shape our collective future. So if a rocky ride is your cup of tea, then I welcome you to join us on this adventure.

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