Discord Server

We highly encourage you to join us over at Discord (where most of the action happens!) Come say hi!

Invite Link: https://discord.gg/player2


The server is guarded by Pandez Guard, so to ensure you get access into the server, first head to #✅│verify and follow the steps!

Roles available:

  • Player - Once you have verified successful, you will be given a Player role! This role will ensure you have the basic access to the server.

  • Farmer - If you have purchased a Player 2 Farmer NFT, head over to #🔳│matrica-verify to link your wallet with your Discord User to recieve this role. This will give you access to the Holders and Loan chat

  • Pioneers - our extended team of P2 contributors that work alongside our Builders on education, development, community management, partnerships, events and more

  • Builders - the founding team of Player 2

Opening up the server:

Like any game, we have built the server with various worlds within our world. Head over to #🌐│select-channels to view what is available. Simply react to the emoji's to get access.

Leveling system: To reward engagement, we have in place a leveling system. The more chatter you have on the server, the more xp you earn. These are purely for cosmetic purposes. You can achieve levels (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 ... 60)

Bots: We have two Bots that brings much added value to our server. Read more below.

  • PC-03 - Our service bot. Other than moderating our chat and keeping our channels safe, PC-03 helps maintain our leveling system and provide embeded and custom messages.

  • Sophie - Sophie is our inhouse AI. See what she can do:

To chat with her, type @Sophie-AI Eg: @Sophie-AI How is your day going?

To get her to draw, type !img: Eg: !img: Cats flying through the galaxy, oil on canvas

To ask her to create something new, use !create: !create: {style-of-piece-with-no-spaces} {what ever you want here as the title of the written work} e.g. !create poem I wanted to be alone. e.g. !create rap-lyrics In the hood up to no good.


As a social community, we also have two events every week.

  • Chillout Wednesday Come hang with the community! No agenda.

  • Social Saturdays with Player 2 A time of fun and games while getting to know each other and winning some DEOs while you're at it.

Need help:

Raise a ticket at #🆘│support-ticket and one of your friendly Builders or Pioneers will be right there with you.

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