Player 2

Player Oath

Player Oath


As a Player, I promise to exemplify the values of Player 2. I will:
Create Value
Our Player 2 economy functions because there's commerce. People purchase services because they expect value in return. But services are not the only source of value; new ideas and perspectives are valuable too. These are the sparks that may help others grow a flame. You can value-add at any part of the chain!
Back my Statements
Just as all our Player 2 assets are backed by collateral, as Players we should also back our statements with facts and evidence. In other words, don't FUD.
Build Bridges
We are stronger together. Strive to onboard those outside of Player 2. Our strategy is to win together by cooperating, not competing.
Always ask "Why Not?"
Keep your mind open. Seek to understand the rationale behind rules and conventions. Challenge the status quo and ask "Why not do it differently?" This is how we innovate, this is how we progress.
Above all, be a Force for Good


Taken the Oath?
Post a picture of yourself doing 🤞 and add 🤞 behind your name!
Show your Affiliation
Add 'P2' to your username; that's our "clan tag". We're gamers after all.
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